Top 4 Logistics and Supply Chain Trends and Innovation in 2021

There has been a BOOM in the logistics industry recently. It has become one of the most profitable businesses due to the increase in population and the trend of eCommerce. However, while we talk about the logistics trend of 2020, it’s not wrong to say that it is one of the most competitive businesses as well.

As the world moves towards a digital side, manual work is getting eliminated, and there different supply chain trends and innovations that are expected by 2021. Let’s talk about them.

Top 10 Logistics and Supply Chain trends in 2021

In recent years, technology has made such an improvement that it never ceases to amaze us. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Cloud-based systems are all up for helping mankind in automating the most difficult logistics tasks.

Aside from logistics, these technologies help a lot when talking about the tech industry. Here are the most popular supply chain and logistics trends that we are most likely to see in 2021.

1. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT provides the following benefits in general:

  • Advanced monitoring and Maintenence
  • Analytical data to make decisions
  • Better In-Transit Visibility

In other words, IoT enables different aspects of human life to make it digitally connected. This is one of the most popular Supply chain trends and innovations. Using IoT, logistics, and supply chain companies can double their ROI within a given period.

2. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The world of AR and VR is another supply chain trends and innovation. Both of these technologies can have a great impact on the logistics industry. AI is an automated algorithm that learns more while working on a specific thing.

It’s a never-ending cycle of learning that can automate the logistics tasks that are being manually done right now. Here are some of the benefits of using AI:

  • Business Automation
  • Consistent in improving with time
  • AI saves a lot of costs
  • There is a narrower room for mistakes, unlike human beings.

3. Automated Vehicles

We all know that Tesla is making a huge name in the automation industry. However, when we think about logistics, this industry can also make a huge impact by incorporating this advanced technology. Driverless cars can assist in transporting goods from one warehouse to another.

In addition to that, it can also help in delivery and pickup purposes. Here are some of the benefits that you get by implementing Automated vehicles:

  • Loading and Unloading
  • It can assist in moving objects from one place to another
  • Driverless vehicles are cost-effective

4. Smartwatches/Wearables

Wearables provide a huge benefit that we can see as a logistic trend in 2020. Using smart devices like these, employees can easily share and analyze real-time data that can affect the logistics company as a whole.

By Incorporating wearables, you would get the following benefits:

  • It saves a lot of time
  • You can monitor complex task by just looking at your device
  • It saves a lot of costs as well

Aside from everything, wearables provide the most health beneficial features as well. It includes monitoring various problems like blood pressure, heart attack, and even your performance.

What type of changes will you get with these trends?

Supply chain trends and innovation offer the following benefits:

  • Better Transparency
  • Cost Savings
  • Incorporating change and solving problems
  • Increased performance and efficiency

All in all, these trends are bound to happen now or later. In the coming 2021, we will see a lot of different logistics trends that will make the industry better and efficient.

As a leading logistics company in Nigeria, we are always looking to incorporate the most recent and efficient technologies.

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