Get an expert solution for your import and export requirements. In addition to all the hustle and bustle, we also provide the best Warehousing, and Logistics Distribution as well. Here’s how it works:


How does it work?


  • We study your requirements and build a plan accordingly.
  • We collect your equipment and goods to our warehouse.
  • We build a custom plan that is well suited for the types and amount of goods you are trying to distribute.
  • We handle everything from shipping, freight, and haulage, according to your business needs.
  • All the custom procedures are done through our links all over the world.
  • We transfer your goods and make sure that it reaches the destination.

DanfoGolx is an authorized Logistics agency to act as custom warehouses for various procedures. In addition to all this, we give you the ability to withdraw your equipment at any given time. You will only have to pay for the taxes when they are in custom’s inspection.


Our warehouse gives you all the perks of a general warehouse.


Why DanfoGolx?


Get the most flexible and customizable logistic plans for your business. We handle it form product to the distribution part and save you days of problems that slow down your logistics experience.


We inherit the supply chain effects that are as follows:

  • Additional services such as storage, packing, handling, distributing.
  • Specialized warehouse perks that include the team of professionals to handle and execute the process according to the likes of your business.
  • International and National Warehousing and Distribution plans.
  • End Supply Chain


Our Warehouse


The warehouse is ideal for storing any type of product as long as they’re not hazardous. We promote a safer environment to eliminate any casualties.


We offer extensive packaging and maintaining all the products stored in our warehouse.


Work with us and get the essence of success.



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