Let us Take Care of your Laundry


We know that you are a busy person. No time for laundry? No problem. Take a step back and think about it. Wouldn’t it be great if you have a free of cost service that requires nothing more than a little effort? (We will get at it soon) What about the last time you did your laundry?


When we talk about laundry, it can get really stressful especially if you’re always busy. DanfoGolx understands it and we are giving you the best laundry service as an industry-leading logistics company.


Our Ultimate Laundry Solutions


Being a busy person, you don’t have the time to wash your own clothes, or worse. You don’t even have the time to hand it over to a laundry service. That’s where DanfoGolx comes in. We stop right by your door, wait for you to give us your clothes, and return them before you know it!


First thing’s first, you don’t need to be present at home. We come to your guidelines and give you the most relaxing Laundry experience. Our goal is to make your dry clean experience a lot more simpler and efficient in Nigeria.


How do we excel?


Our laundry solution is the simplest one in the whole of Nigeria. Here are the steps that you have to take:


  • Once you sign up for the pickup service, you will be provided 2 bags.
  • You can place your clothes in those bags, and we are ready for deliveries at 8 AM
  • Our team member with come, pick it up from you, clean it, and replace it with a new one before you know it.
  • No more waiting for pickup or arrival. We save your time, we save your money. That’s the main responsibility for our services.


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