We, humans, are destroying this beautiful Earth. DanfoGolx cares about the environment and our country. We are a team of most professional junk removers, and we promise to meet your demands in all kinds of pickup or junk removal.


From neighborhood cleanout to removing mattress, cleaning the garage, DanfoGolx will exceed your expectations. When you choose your junk removal service, you can expect a team of most skilled professionals that are making their time to ease your life.


But what is Junk Removal anyways?


Junk Removal Solutions incorporate all sorts of trash removal on the demands of the clients. We remove and shift home appliances, doors, and all types of furniture. We can clean your entire house, garage, or anything you want us to. However, this excludes the hazardous waste that might harm anybody.


You make an appointment with us, and our experts will be ready for disposal. And just after some time, you’re free of all the junk!


How do we achieve the output?


We focus on customer-friendly service and promote good customer experience as a whole. Our eco-friendly mission makes us a green activist as well. We love to see the universe bloom into something beautiful while fighting with junk.


Working with DanfoGolx, you can expect a simple, straightforward process, with minimum costs, and maximum results.


Here’s how our service works:


  1. Schedule your free onsite estimate online or by calling ‪+234 905 940 0315
  2. Our friendly, uniformed truck team will call you 15-30 minutes before your scheduled appointment window to let you know what time to expect them.
  3. When we arrive, just point to the old or broken items you want to have removed, and we will provide you with an up-front, all-inclusive price.
  4. Once you say the word, we will haul your items away from wherever they are located and finish by tidying up the area. Plus, we will recycle and donate whatever we can, whenever possible


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