Most food restaurants use old food delivery services. However, with the trend changing almost every year, these food delivery services fail to provide the most cutting-edge experience to the customers. As your business start to grow, there will be a lot more problems occuring such as the communication gap, lack of professionalism, negative customer experience.


How DanfoGolx can help Food Delivery and Restaurants Businesses


Our intelligent call center team is providing the best customer experience. For a business to thrive, it’s important that the user experience must be top-notch. That what employees at DanfoGolx think. We offer complete customer satisfaction with easy to interpret bookings, speedy food delivery, an order management system to keep track of everything, and a building a loyal customer base.


Our main focus is towards providing the most relaxing customer experience while increasing the retention rate so that more people will come to visit your restaurant. Keeping up with a huge number of customers by providing the cutting edge technology that is based on cloud solutions.


Here’s what you get by trusting your restaurant with us:


Flawless Contact Support


We keep in touch with your customers. By providing Email, Web, Customer Chat, and Social Media links, we can serve customers by all means with faster and efficient speeds.

Keeping contact with the customers is one of our quirks that is timeless. We value customer experience more than anything.


Secured Calling System


We understand the vulnerabilities of going digital. A lot of problems can occur if the customer’s or rider’s data is breached. That’s why our system incorporates an anonymous calling feature that won’t disclose any sort of information when it comes to the privacy side.


We make your customers happy


By 2030, it is expected that most of the meals that are cooked at home will be ordered from restaurants. That’s why we are providing a secure and better solution that will make your business future proof.



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