We need to understand the demand of our customers and provide our services accordingly. To achieve this, we listen to your feedback and market trends.


DanfoGolx is quick to incorporate feedback, along with the change to bring you the most advanced and efficient Destination services. Having extra credibility and your trust is mandatory. We guarantee our customers that we provide the best transport services from one place to another.


Our starting point is Nigeria, and we can send goods from there to all parts of the world. Being a freight forwarder company, we bring you the best experience, along with the most cost-effective in transporting solutions compared to others.


Why DanfoGolx?


Most logistics and freight forwarders do not have all the resources to handle transportation or provide the in-house delivery service. However, at DanfoGolx, we have the ability, knowledge, license, and the techniques to make sure that your transportation experience goes smoothest.


We do not have a single standard set for carrying out our services. Rather than that, we understand your requirements and develop a plan according to your demands.


We pour in every bit of logistics expertise that will give you the best experience. With an ever-changing marketing trend, we make sure to incorporate change accordingly. This way, we can continue to provide you the most advanced techniques by transporting your goods efficiently and cost-effectively.


What you get by working with us


  • Scalable and Flexible Logistics Solutions
  • Incorporating Supply Chain Technology in your business
  • Transportation Operation Optimization
  • Storage and Dispatch solutions
  • Logistics, Supply Chain, and inventory management services
  • Nigeria’s leading logistics provider
  • Warehouse storage services


By taking a look at your requirements, we apply the best possible solutions for mutual benefits. Work with now and see the difference.


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