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DanfoGol Express
provides a logistic platform and strategic supply chain for shipping goods and
distributes them to the target location. We are proud of our achievements and
the services we provide.

We satisfied
over 80k clients all over the world. 
DanfoGolx has a logistic empire set up in
more than 106 countries, and up until this point, we have closed 300k+
shipments. The number is ever increasing. Having 15 years of experience in this
field of business, let’s take a history lesson real quick.

Our company
has worked in shipping anything you want, anywhere in the world. We have been
making it easier for you to focus on your business, while we have been focusing
on delivering your valuable products and services.

History of DanfoGol Express 

Founded in 2015, the company has made a solid reputation when it comes to shipping cargo & freight. From Nigeria to outsource and vice versa, we have covered
millions and billions of kilometers till this date.
DanfoGol Express was
founded by Akinyemi S. Abiodun in 2015. The journey started at John F Kennedy
International Airport. Statically proven, we are one of the leading shipping
& freight companies in Nigeria.
DanfoGol Express has been working with EL AL Israel Airline & Arik Airline as a baggage agent to
provide excellent services for people all over the world.

Our vision
was to be the industry-leading logistic and freight services while providing
values, professionalism, and a sense of satisfaction to our customers,
shareholders, and employees.

DanfoGol Express has been on a mission to provide the best logistic service starting from Nigeria to the whole world. As happy as we are today, achieving our goals and becoming Nigeria’s leading logistics and freight company is the next big target. While respecting the customers, we have always looked up to the professional ways to deal.

DanfoGol Express works with EL AL Israel Airline & Arik Airline as a baggage agent to deliver and ship out items in the most secure way possible. We tend to be extra possessive when it comes to our customers. It has been DanfoGolx’s way to respect its clients over the world and provide the most cutting edge experience in logistics & freight.

Founder of DanfoGol Express:

Mr. Abiodun S. Akinyemi, born and raised in Nigeria, moved to the US in 2013. He worked as an Airport Operation Supervisor at the Kennedy International management

Work Experience:

Arik airline & El al Israel airline as Special Service Unit (S.S.U)/ Baggage agents. Nigerians abroad & celebrities to deliver baggage from the USA to Nigeria After working to deliver baggage from outside Nigeria towards it, Mr. Abiodun S.Akinyemi
developed a keen interest in cargo & freight shipment. Having so much work
experience, the process of shipment became a hobby.

The start of DanfoGol Express

The idea of DanfoGol Express started when Mr. Abiodun S. Akinyemi working with abroad agencies & celebrities to bring baggage from the USA to Nigeria. It was just a
vision and it got the whole company started. Moving over to today, he is proud
of his creation and ready to take it to the next level.



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Freight Delivery

We offer Time Shipping & Delivery. Working with DanfoGolx is fast and easy! Our team offers the best experience and makes sure that your order is shipped well within the time stamp. Each shipment is closely monitored with our advanced tech and the inspection team to bring you the highest standards of safety and timely delivery freight of each order.

Join thousands of industry-leading companies making the right decision by leaving their shipments as our responsibilities. As a professional logistic platform, we make sure that your packages reach the destination safely and on time.

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